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Considering whether to put hardwood flooring in your Silverton home over carpeting is a decision that should be made. Not only do hardwood floors add elegance and class to a home but it can also help increase the value of a property. People who push for carpeting will say that it is cheaper and softer, however, this in not true because there are softer woods that can be installed. If having a hardwood floor sounds like something that you would like to have for your home then give our skilled staff at Floors at home a call today and see what they can do for your Silverton home flooring needs

The experts at Floors at Home have provided the Silverton area with quality flooring solutions for years one of those great flooring options is vinyl flooring. Vinyl is no longer limited to the fake-looking tiles or florals of its past. Today's vinyl floors can mimic the appearance of natural materials such as wood or stone. The new texturized vinyls can complete the illusion by replicating the texture of these natural materials. With the look of hardwood, tile or stone at only a fraction of the cost, vinyl is a smart economical choice.

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